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Do you need to renew your California real estate license? Do you want to further your career and become a commercial real estate broker? California realtors are required to earn 18 credits of Consumer Protection for license renewal. Why just earn credit when you can earn credits AND expand your territory and client base! Take our Commercial Real Estate online AND live classes to earn ALL 18 credits!

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*For Credit, Student must attend an additional hour of class each day (9am-1pm) and take the final exam last day. 


This class compares commercial real estate to investments such as stocks, bonds, and residential income property.  Learn how to analyze the overall market, the economy, and the specific properties. Additional topics covered are the tax advantages of investment real estate and other advantages, including capital appreciation, leverage, future forecasting, and cash flow. The student will learn to calculate all of the important investment analytics such as return on investment (ROI), Cap rate, net present value (NPV), and internal rate of return (IRR).  Students will also learn the process of selecting, negotiating, performing due diligence, re-positioning, and managing your investment.  The instructor has superior credentials, is highly regarded, and has over 35 years of experience with all facets of real estate.  

Reference textbook: Essentials of Real Estate Investment, 10th ed. Real Estate Education Company, 2013 Author: David A Sirota  **Textbook will be available for $35 as an optional purchase in class. 


15 CEUs in Consumer Protection

What our students have said:

  • "Very valuable class to attend…useful in future dealings."
  • "Thorough explanation of all contents discussed in class."
  • "A challenging class; expanded my perception of evaluating deals"
  • "I enjoyed the class and learned so much...I need to hire your investment firm."
  • "Well informed class with a good deal of data."